Parai Whānau Papakāinga - Imagining Decolonised Cities Competition Entry

Design team: Terence Graham, Jessica Hulme, Jade Kake, and Fiona Ting.
Highly Commended, Imagining Decolonised Cities Competition, May 2017

This project challenges the conception of hau kāinga communities as a uniquely rural phenomenon, and highlights the immense potential for the revitalisation of ahi kā through the development of urban, suburban and periurban papakāinga.

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About The Competition

The Imagining Decolonised Cities urban design competition invites entries from around New Zealand to (re)design a space in Porirua City. We are asking contestants to imagine what a ‘decolonised urban space’ might look and feel like. We welcome all levels of experience and artistic techniques. While the image, film or essay is important for helping us to understand your vision, we are particularly interested in how you explain your design and design process. The entries submitted will be judged by a panel of judges from diverse range of backgrounds. Entries will also be analysed by our research team to contribute to research on this topic and publications exploring what people think about the application of decolonisation to our urban environments.