Te Rewarewa Whenua Concept Plan [in progress, to be completed May 2018]

Te Rewarewa is the largest Māori land block within the central Whangarei area and has the potential to become a focal point for regional economic development, a driver of future urbanisation and growth within the Whangarei C.B.D., and a model for the re-establishment of Kāinga as the primary social and economic unit in Te Taitokerau. 

The principal outcome of the project is to identify potential land uses for Te Rewarewa, based on the values and aspirations of the shareholders and the capacity of the land, and to identify stage one projects based cost/benefit analysis and current or projected resources (feasibility studies). This information will be used to develop a staged overall masterplan / vision for the future of Te Rewarewa (the whenua concept plan).

The Whenua Concept Plan, which will include a 10 year staged masterplan and a 50-100 year speculative vision, will be a taonga for Te Rewarewa shareholders and will guide the development activities of the management komiti over the coming years.