Liminal Spaces


WELLESLEY ST EAST RESTROOMS | AUCKLAND FRINGE FESTIVAL 2017 | 11 Feb 9am - 5pm, 4 March 9am - 5pm, 5 March 9am - 5pm 2017

Artists: Kiri McKenna and Jade Kake
2017 Auckland Fringe Awards, Best Visual Arts

This installation project uses multiple overlapping strands to form a dialogous interrogation of the narratives associated with gendered and liminal spaces, the process of image-making and place-making, and collaborative influences within art and architecture. The work constitutes a fertile visual response to the themes, using space, lighting, tension and gender to construct images and spaces.

An experimental work of art and architecture, the project is an immersive experience, providing an opportunity for visitors to move through the installation, and ruminate on and discuss the themes raised by the artists.

Devised by architectural practitioners Kiri McKenna and Jade Kake, the work is a continuation and extension of their individual and combined creative practices.